6 Wings £6.45 / 8 Wings £7.95 / 10 Wings £9.45
Chipuffalo Wings

These babies won WingFest, voted as the best Buffalo Wings in London! They’re our take on the classic buffalo wing; chipotle-buffalo sauce, a sprinkle of coriander, pickled celery and a blue cheese dip

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BBQ Wings

Sweet, sticky and a little smoky. Zig zagged with Awesome Sauce, and showered in toasted sesame seeds and chives

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Habanero Wings

The hot one.. A borderline sadistic quantity of Habanero chilli, tempered with a chargrilled pepper cream, zig zags of sriracha glaze, and a sprinkle of coriander

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Salted Caramel Wings
Salted Caramel

Yeah, we know, it sounds weird… But it works. Sweet, salty, umami sauce with a hint of orange, sprinkled with toasted sesame and a little chipotle powder 👌

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6 Naked Wings + 1 Dip £5.45 / 8 Naked Wings + 1 Dip £6.95 / 10 Naked Wings + 2 Dips £8.45
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