Thunderbun £8.00

ALL HAIL THE THUNDERBUN. Our OG classic burger; A juicy chicken breast, slathered in Awesome Sauce (like a smoked burger sauce), some crunchy lettuce, snappy pickles and a squishy bun. That’s it. Excellent.

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Chipuffalo £8.50

The good stuff from our Chipuffalo Wings in burger format. Chipotle-Buffalo Sauce, blue cheese, pickles, lettuce and squishy bun

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Meltdown £9.00

This one’s our favourite; oozing with molten miso-jalapeño cheese sauce, garlicky red pepper aioli, fresh lettuce, snappy pickles and a squishy bun

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BBQ Burger
BBQ £8.50

Sweet, sticky BBQ sauce, Applewood smoked cheese, Awesome Sauce, crispy fresh lettuce & pickles, all in a squishy bun. Yes please

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