Our newest wings, Tokyo Drift, have landed at Thunderbird Earls Court. Here’s the story behind them.

For the base I wanted something sticky, rich and savoury, so I mixed some miso with some treacle, added some gochujang for depth and heat, then included some Okonomi which is kind of like a fruity Japanese version of a HP Sauce.   A great starting point… rich, salty, slightly spicy, and slightly fruity.

That was great.  But now the wings needed some fragrant ‘high notes’ and acidity, so I added curry leaves, lime and some jalapenos into a garlicky aioli, which was then drizzled over the wings. This helped lift the balance of the wings, and the warm, almost smoky flavour of the curry leaves is like nothing else.

I craved more fragrance and found that pink peppercorns accented the rest of the flavours really well.

Finally, I was searching for freshness… and there’s nothing ‘fresher’ than mint.  Some thinly sliced mint leaves were scattered over the wings and… boom.  They were complete

The flavours are really complex, and individually, contrasting, but when combined together, they meld together beautifully.